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Captain Lampros Traditional Boat.

The ‘Captain Lambros Traditional’ boat is one of the most popular boats in Santorini. For more than a decade has travelled thousands of miles around the coastline of the caldera. The boat’s length is 39 feet and the beam 10, 00 feet .It has one 120 hp diesel engine with a maximum speed of 9knots. In 2009 our traditional boat was fully renovated and the deck was redesigned in order to provide more space for relaxation and sunbathe. It is a traditional boat with the comforts of a modern boat.

It is equipped with new big mattresses for sunbathe, shower, W.C, music and a ladder for easy access into the sea. At the back of the boat there is a big table with a bench in each side and a wide canopy which provides sun protection. Our captain will give you a mask and a snorkel if you wish to explore the beauties of the sea. Our boat is also equipped with a fishing kit for those who would like to combine a sailing cruise in Santorini with a trolley fishing tour.


The ‘Captain Lambros Traditional’ boat has the lowest price in Santorini in private tours.


So, it is affordable for couples that would prefer a romantic private experience or for bigger groups that can share the (low) cost and have an unforgettable tour. You can charter our boat by the hour and discover the most important sights inside the caldera of Santorini, such as the volcano, the hot springs, the Thirasia island, the Saint Eftapedes church and more.

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