Oia Village (Ia) –Santorini

The traditional village of Oia is located at the north end of the island of Santorini. It is constituted from the settlements of Finikia, Oia, Tholos, Kouloumpos and Paradeisos and also from the ports of Ammoudi and Armeni.

Oia with the narrow paths and the traditional white and coloured cave houses is the most picturesque village of Santorini. Also it is the most cosmopolitan one as it gathers the elite of the rich and famous people, who decide to spend their vacation in a Greek island. Far away from the noise of the centre of Santorini, Oia preserves much more relaxing rhythms.


The sweet melodies from the cafes, the relaxed people inside the colourful shops and the sense of romance which intensively suspend in the atmosphere are being disturbed at the time of Sunset. Daily few minutes before the sun touches the sea, thousands of people arrive at the central square of Oia and after crossing the narrow stone paths of the village they try to conquer the best position for their camera in order to record what their eyes and mind cannot believe, simply the best sunset in the world. The crowd gives a stormy applause when the sun disappears into the sea. After the sun has set everyone departs and the village regains its physical rhythms again.


The guests who desire to remain at the bounds of the community of Oia can enjoy the sea at the organized beach of Baxedes and also at the less organized but beautiful beaches of Kouloumpos and Katharos. At the two small ports of Oia Ammoudi and Armeni visitors have the opportunity to meet local fishermen and feast the flavours of the sea at the small picturesque taverns.

Both harbours are connected to Oia with steps but only Ammoudi has access through the street. The tourists who stay at the village have also the chance to taste and learn the history of Wine at the Sigalas Winery and visit the Navy Museum and their exhibits. Finally the village of Oia provides regularly local transportation to the centre of Santorini by buses.

There’s also a surgery, a pharmacy, 4 automatic bank machines (a.t.m) and a police station through summer time.