Triantafillou family, owns the oldest and premier yachting company on the island of Santorini.

With a heritage that dates many years back and their substantial experience they guarantee a seamless and enjoyable yachting excursion. The Triantafillou brothers, Lambros and George, are both sea Captains who carrying on the family tradition, managed to establish themselves on the northern part of the Island. Having their base in Oia, they provide to guests from all over the world an opportunity to enjoy the nautical allure of the islands.


Their excursions are unique, since they were the first to offer trips not only to the Volcano and the Hot Springs, but also to more serene locations around the caldera and beyond the Thirasia Island, having the port of Ammoudi as starting point.


The company has a big interest in growing and offering the best services. Maintaining a sharp focus on delivering top quality, personalized service, we are sure that we can make your visit to Santorini a truly memorable one.